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Entry #1

Maybe I found a way around crappy hypercam?

2011-08-07 12:04:07 by MuffinManJellyBean

Using an old Video converting software I had lying around.
It's converting the files OK, but I don't know if youtube will accept them.
Converting swf to avi sometimes leaves you with a huge file...

But anywhoo, it's better than nothing. Because as of now, hypercam will not work. It won't record sound, unless it's from the microphone. (And I have annoying siblings and their annoying friends constantly running around the house...screaming. Microphone will not work.)

So let's hope this all works out, otherwise the Youtube account will be useless.


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2011-08-07 13:16:35

So far all my attempts have been busts...


I found a way to have hypercam record straight from my computer. No microphone required.

So Hypercam is an option again. Yay!
But hypercam still sucks... Boo!
Muffin Man will be uploaded to youtube... YAY!


2011-08-07 16:08:51

have you tried taksi ?

MuffinManJellyBean responds:

Don't worry, I finally got hypercam to work. It was a pain in the butt to fix... but it works now.